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Become a KeWi Teas Official Ambassador

Join Our Affiliate Program to Promote & Earn 

Who makes a great ambassador? 

Are you a KeWi Teas customer who loves our products, appreciates our brand values, and already help[s to spread the word about our brand? 

If so, you might make a great KeWi Teas Ambassador!


What does an ambassador do? 

Likely, what you're already doing! 

A KeWi Teas ambassador helps to promote and spread the word about our products and brand. And in return, you are rewarded for helping to drive sales. 

For every successful purchase made using your unique affiliate link, you'll receive 15% on the sale!

It's that simple!

Want to learn more?

Sign up here and Visit our Ambassador Portal for more information.


Let's Get Started

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