Tropical Cider™ *Immunity Boost


Inspired by...a tropical vacation in the middle of winter.


Mildly fruity, yet warm and earthy blend of delicate white tea, antioxidant rich elderberry and tropical fruit flavors creates a cider like tea that will tickle your taste buds. This tea is great for helping to naturally boost your immunity!

*Minimally caffeinated


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  • Ingredients

    White Tea, Elderberry, Rose Hips, Dried Strawberry, Dried Pineapple, Cinnamon & Lots of Love!

  • Steeping Instructions

    2 tsp. per cup for 3-5 minutes at 180 degrees F.

  • Serving Suggestions

    Drink warm (not too hot or too cold) to best enjoy the beautifully delicate blend of flavors present in this tea.

  • Pre-Order Details

    This item is currently available for pre-order. Pre-order allows you to purchase and reserve your favorite tea before it's back in stock, so that when it's replenished you will receive your item before it sells out again. 

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