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Our Service Philosophy

At Soul Stir
, serving tea is how we serve community. We put great care in the preparation of our teas, and each pot or cup of tea that we serve is done so with gratitude and love. To us, tea is much more than

a beverage, it’s an experience!
We are inspired to create tea & experiences that not only arouse the senses, but also evoke a sense of wellness. Whether in communion with self or in community with others, we want every inhale and sip of our teas to "stir the soul”!

"Our mission is to promote self-care, wellness​ & community​ through the practice of tea ritual!"

We host and service a variety of events, small and large, in an effort to introduce premium tea and mindful tea practice to a broader audience.

Our Service Offerings

  • Signature Tea Experiences

  • Private Parties, Ceremonies & Rituals, Tea Tastings, Pop-Ups, Wellness Presentations & Community Events

  • Gift Boxes, Party Favors & Corporate Gifts

  • Our services are perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, birth blessings, rights of passage ceremonies, birthday parties, anniversaries, retreats, community gatherings, and themed events!

  • Our teas are great additions to cafes, bookstores, yoga studios, health centers, spas, salons, wellness programs and more! Message us to inquire about wholesale offerings and business services. 

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