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See what our customers are saying!

“My goodness! Your teas are delicious. My best friend loved your chamomile and the chai, which I made as a latte, she held the chai latte in her hands and said, “this is delicious!” My daughter was over the moon with your chamomile tea. She now only uses 1 teaspoon per cup so she can stretch it out for as long as possible. She said she’s never tasted such a delicious chamomile. I just had your (Burgundy English) breakfast tea this morning with milk and sugar and was so impressed with how soft and smooth it was. Now I’ve tried all three teas and love them.  -Margaret H. 

“The mango black tea is to die for. I knew I was in for a treat once I opened the bag and smelled that wonderful aroma!”

-Karnessa S.

"KēWi teas are a daily part of my self-care regimen. There is nothing like the simple pleasure of taking a moment in the midst of an otherwise busy day to savor a hot cup of herbal tea. As a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, I currently have about seven KēWi teas in my pantry - two of my staples being Mingling Mint and Lavender Mint. They are delicious and expertly blended. I'm hooked!" 

-Stephanie K.

“During undergrad I developed quite the unhealthy reliance on coffee to help get me through. I have long since departed ways with this habit, but it’s been a struggle trying to find a comfortable balance to support my active lifestyle and match the natural choices I have come to enjoy. Well, the folks at Soul Stir Tea & Wellness took the time to listen to my needs and expectations. Without hesitation they were able to recommend the right (tea) blend that satisfied my wants and my needs. The smooth smokiness of the Gunpowder is great and the strong full body taste of the Burgundy (English Breakfast) blend is both delicious and gives me the boost that I need without the crash of other caffeinated drinks I've tried in the past. The team at Soul Stir is very knowledgeable and committed to their craft. I would highly recommend Soul Stir Tea & Wellness and their KēWi teas.” -Gary W.

“My goodness sooo good! Thank you💖.  I like strong tea and rarely sweetened so when I saw the 1 tsp I was like nah I need to put more, but I followed the instructions and the Earl Grey is so good and strong. Just perfect! I’m hooked! Loving my tea actually! I even tried it with some almond milk. YUM!!” - Khadijah F.

"The first tea I ever tried from the Soul Stir Tea ladies was the Just Peachy blend. Boy is it good! It had a nice, fresh clear type of taste with a fruity, almost floral aroma. It made my kitchen smell just divine! My husband walked in and asked me what I was drinking. After taking a few sips, he too was very impressed with it. Since then - I own many different blends of KēWi teas. All of them are just so scrumptious! I think my favorite thing about them is that the ingredients are very high quality, so you aren't as tempted to dump loads of sugar into each cup. They taste great as is. As far as flavor goes, each tea packs so much personality- I am very pleased!" -Adrianne B.

"Wow! I'm just getting to the lavender mint tea. It is awesome. No sweetener needed. Thanks." - Janice T.

"I'm so excited to try these (teas) :-). You are going to get me back to a healthy routine, starting with drinking more tea!" -Melanie B.

"I purchased your Twilight Grey tea today at Santa's Stocking Craft Bazaar. Just made a cup, added a little honey and it was delicious! This will definitely be one of my favorites!" -Cynthia

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