Soul Stir Tea & Wellness was established in 2018 by "soul" sisters, tea lovers & wellness advocates Kristina & Erin Walden. The two had long dreamt of owning a business that would allow them to express their love for food & beverage, and their inclination towards holistic living.


One day during a casual conversation, the sisters discovered that they had both been brewing up an idea for a business that would later become Soul Stir Tea & Wellness. It was one of those moments that you might describe as "soul stirring". Coming together to manifest this idea was a no brainer for the two who are deeply rooted in the tradition of tea, and have stirred up many amazing collaborations over the years! 


In fact, if you ask them they will tell you that the seed idea for their company was actually "birthed" in them. 

"We came by our love for tea honestly. There was always sweet, iced tea in our home. There wasn't a day that passed when my dad didn't make some good ol' "Walden Water", as it's long been affectionately known in our family. We've been drinking tea so long that the seed grew into a plant!"  The two later discovered after that soul stirring conversation that led them to embark on this journey that their mother, who is also an avid hot tea drinker also had a vision for a tea venture many years prior. 

Kristina & Erin's vision to share their love for tea and passion for holistic wellness with a larger audience didn't stop there. Their drive to develop a full service company with products & services "inspired" them to develop their own brand of all natural, artisan teas and thus, KēWi Teas (which stands for Kristina & Erin Walden Inspired Teas) was born!