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Women's Wellness Tea

Women's Wellness Tea


Light and earthy, subtly floral herbal tea blend with a hint of heat, and natural sweetness that lingers. This blend was specially created to support women's holistic wellness during the different "cycles of life".


*Naturally non-caffeinated

Expected to be fulfilled within 3 weeks
  • Ingredients

    Raspberry Leaf, Oatstraw, Ginger Root, Lavender & Lots of Love! 

  • Steeping Instructions

    2 tsp. per cup for 5-10 minutes @ 212 degrees F. 

  • Pre-Order Details

    If your item is marked "pre-order", see the 'Shipping & Returns' page for details.

  • Other Uses

    May also be used for bathing, soaking or steaming. 

    *Note any allergies or sensitivites before using topically. 

  • Key Benefits

    Womb Health, Digestion, Relaxation


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