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Spring Cleansing Tea Set

Spring Cleansing Tea Set

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Kick start your "Spring Cleaning" with KēWi Teas™ by Soul Stir. Our 4 step Spring Cleansing tea set is an easy and targeted way to gently cleanse your body, boost your immunity and recommit to your overall health and wellness this Spring. Sip Slow and feel the toxins flow out and the energy flow back in!


Read below for details. 


Step 1. Morning Detox with Golden Chai - Flush toxins and support healthy digestion with this spiced turmeric tea.

Step 2. Afternoon Boost with Moroccan Mint - Stay energized, focused and sharp, while cleansing, with this green mint tea. 

Step 3. Evening Relax with Sunday Stroll - Calm the mind and body to prepare for a restful night's sleep, with this chamomile blend.

Step 4. Blood Cleanse with Hibiscus Tea - Periodically alternate your morning, midday or evening tea with this antioxidant rich herbal blend to help support blood & immune function. 


*This set contains 4 - 2 oz pouches of tea (1 of each tea listed above). This supply will last approximately 30 days, if each tea is used daily, as suggested.

Expected to be fulfilled within 3 weeks
  • Ingredients

    See each tea for ingredients:

    Golden Chai, Moroccan Mint, Sunday Stroll, Hibiscus Tea

  • Pre-Order Details

    If your item is marked "pre-order", see the 'Shipping & Returns' page for details.

  • Important Note!

    All teas and herbal supplements will affect everyone differently. Although this recommended approach can help to support healthy gentle cleansing, diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors will impact your overall results.  See general disclaimers for more information. 

    Consider also drinking plenty of water, eating clean, getting moderate exercise and ample sleep/rest while cleansing.

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