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New Year + Hot Tea = #HealthGoals

The New Year is a great time to make new and renewed commitments, because it's a reminder that just like nature, we too change, grow and have the opportunity for a fresh start! So, as you're thinking about what you will commit to this year, meditate on a few simple ways to improve your mental, physical and emotional health in 2021. One of our favorite wellness hacks, is to take time out for tea!

January is not only the start of the New Year, it's also National Hot Tea Month! By now, many people know that consuming tea regularly can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, but what you may not know is just how a cup of tea can support holistic wellness, provide emotional support, build immunity and help prevent dis-ease! Check out this episode of the "Steeping Around With Rekaya" podcast, as we share valuable information about the diverse health and wellness benefits of tea.

Grab your cuppa tea, and tune in below!

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