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Turning Routine to Ritual

As I was washing my hair (an activity that could easily be regarded as mundane), I thought about the importance of ritual and how ritual supports self care. Before I go on, let me clarify that in this case I don't mean ritual in the religious sense, nor do I mean "howling at the moon" (which could certainly be a form of ritual if that's what you're in to). The type of ritual that I'm referring to is one with a more universal meaning. As I've grown older, I've come to adopt a much simpler definition and understanding for ritual which has allowed me to benefit more from its practice.

Simply put, Routine + Intention = Ritual.

Routines are things that we do regularly, and often subconsciously. Intention is about consciously setting a purpose. Imagine adding a little intention to a routine activity such as washing your hair, making your bed, watering your plants or enjoying a cup of tea ... all of a sudden these tasks become welcomed activities, and even more, practices in presence and mindfulness.

So, as you think about small things that you can do to show care for yourself, consider redefining things that you already do to service you in new and more meaningful ways. For me, washing my hair when done with intention (mindfully choosing clean natural hair products, setting the mood with incense and melodic vibes) becomes not just about cleansing my hair, but also refreshing & renewing my spirit. That to me is ultimate self care!

As we relish in this season of renewal, check out some of our favorite Springtime teas to help relax, uplift and cleanse your body, soul and mind. And, next time your wash day rolls around consider incorporating these ideas and a refreshing cup of KeWi™ Teas to your ritual.

Inspiration for my wash day ritual:

  • Shampoo - Wash Day Delight by Carol's Daughter (not sponsored)

  • Music- Moonchild radio on Pandora (not sponsored)

  • Incense- Wild Waters scent

  • Tea- KeWi™ Teas Hibiscus Tea enjoyed chilled and lightly sweetened with a splash of lime

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