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Never ending #Quarantine and #SocialDistancing giving you the "isolation blues"? Don't fret, we’ve got a few ideas to help you beat cabin fever, boost your immunity and feel more refreshed!  Turn your routine into ritual with just a little intention. Make the most of your time indoors this fall, with a few simple tips! 

Try These Ideas! *Perform a daily mindfulness tea ritual! (What's needed: KēWi™ Teas, Teaware, Positive Intentions) *Host a fun, themed tea party at home with your family and friends! (What's needed: KēWi™ Teas, Tea Set, Light Snacks, Creative Outfits/Costumes) *Treat yourself to a special tea retreat with an herbal tea bath, facial tea steam or foot soak.  (What's needed: KēWi™ Teas - Herbal Teas for sipping and bathing/soaking/steaming, a warm bath/ foot tub/ steam pot, *epson salts & oils- optional, candles/incense, a good book) *For Couples: Turn your personal tea retreat into a romantic couples retreat. Be sure to loving prepare and serve the tea to each other!

A Few Tea Recommendations for 

Building Immunity & Relieving Anxiety: Immunity Teas: Tropical Cider™

Hibiscus Tea Spiced Hibiscus 


Moroccan Mint 

Ginger Green Pure Ginger Red Rooibos   Anxiety Teas:

*also great for a tea bath/soak/steam* Lavender Mint  

Mingling Mint™

Egyptian Chamomile Sunday Stroll™ Rose Amber Tea™

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